Recent Work

Minerva Consulting Inc.

Minerva Consulting Inc., a burgeoning consultancy specializing in business and technology solutions, partnered with us to establish a comprehensive online presence that reflects the company’s professionalism, uniqueness, and results-driven approach in the business and technology consultancy space. 

At the core of the design strategy was sophisticated owl imagery. Symbolizing wisdom and creativity, the logo is complemented by a vibrant color scheme of purples and blues against a clean backdrop of white and light grey. This choice, along with the selection of the “Karla” typeface, was pivotal in establishing the site’s visual appeal without compromising on readability and user experience. The content was meticulously organized into intuitive sections, guiding users through a structured journey that highlights Minerva’s expertise and service offerings.

AVIC Development

Avic Development is a commercial real estate development firm based in Shoreview, Minnesota.
Acorn developed the branding and logo design for Avic, as well as the website design and development. Acorn continues to support their web presence as the firm grows throughout the midwest.

"Eleanor is very professional, detailed, and easy to work with. It was my extreme pleasure to have her create my website. The site she created will be able to expand my business in many ways now. Thank you very much for the absolutely wonderful work."
President | AVIC Development
A screen shot of a website page with a blue background for web design in Ann Arbor.
This is the website for the Michigan Association of Sleep Medicine, featuring professional web design tailored to the Ann Arbor area.
A website designed for the Michigan MASM website.

Michigan Academy
of Sleep Medicine

The Michigan Academy of Sleep Medicine supports medical professionals in the field of sleep medicine and provides continued education opportunities to their members. 

Acorn developed the overall branding for MASM and provided a refresh of their original logo. We also established MASM in a new membership management platform which was then integrated into their custom WordPress website.

A screen shot of a website displaying several videos designed in Ann Arbor.
the white noise podcast picks of the month
Website design with white noise elements in Ann Arbor.

White Noise:
A Sleep Medicine Podcast

The White Noise Podcast was developed by three Michigan physicians interested in a greater conversation about their field of medicine. Hosting a new guest each episode, they cover a range of topics on sleep health.

Acorn Design and Research redesigned the original ‘White Noise’ website, providing a fresh and professional web presence that also provides users with access to previous episodes of the podcast.